Say When
Pinot Noir

Say When Pinot Noir

Like a dark chocolate Coke float

Big, rich cola flavors on this classically California Pinot Noir. Tons of dark berry, cocoa, and cinnamon in a fountain vanilla Coke. Balanced with an earthiness like dried Fall leaves, this dark rich Pinot is wildly satisfying. From the now-famous-for-Pinot Noir wine region, just north of Santa Barbara, this wine is a rare small batch treat.


Pinot Noir


Sta. Rita Hills, California



Our Best Advice

A versatile wine for a foodie crowd

Delicious With

Beef of all preparations, smoked duck, roasted poultry with crispy skin, pulled pork – basically any succulent meat that achieves that umami flavor. Great with rich, darker flash fish like salmon or tuna belly.

Their Cred

Say When started in 2013 by Rachel and Michel. Not long after they met, Rachel was preparing to bottle the first wine of her own — a humble barrel of Pinot Noir made on the side while working full time as an assistant winemaker at Loring. While proud of the wine about to be put into the bottle, everything outside of the bottle still needed to be worked out. That’s when Michel jumped in. After several long distance phone calls that unintentionally turned into creative brainstorms, they started Say When. They are a hands on winery making all of the wines in a shared space in Lompoc CA. Rachel focuses on the physical winemaking, and every decision in the winery is made together. They grapes all come from vineyards the Central Coast, California that are farmed and picked by hand. While more than half of they wines come from vineyards certified SIP Sustainable, Organic, or Biodynamic, they are moving the entire production in that direction. 

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