Domaine des Huards

Domaine des Huards Romo

If Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay had a baby

Imagine the perfect wine with grilled peach and Burrata.. nuf said!  ‘Romo’ as this wine is appropriately named, is made from a little-known grape called Romorantin, which only grows in this tiny region within a region of the Loire Valley, France. It’s a very distant cousin of Chardonnay and has all the stone fruit peachy goodness, but finishes with this huge crisp citrus rind burst of energy.




Cour-Cheverny, Loire Valley, France

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Your new crisp white

Delicious With

Great with fresh cheeses like chèvre or feta, homemade salad dressings with tons of lemon and good olive oil, sweet and sour sauces or soups, and young vegetables like zucchini, pattypan squash, butter lettuce, or radishes. Delish with garlicky grilled shrimp and lemon. The bright intensity of the wine will match any tart, fresh flavors, and balance anything creamy.

Their Cred

Domaine des Huards has been in the Gendrier family since 1846. In the 1970s, Michael, the seventh-generation Gendrier, quit using chemicals in the vines and moved to organic and then biodynamic farming, receiving certification in 1998. His son Alex grew up with biodynamics and is now works full time at the Domaine with Michael, helping to manage its 104 acres of vines (along with 91 acres of forest and fields, plus a herd of sheep!)

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