“L’Avoiron” Rosé of Gamay Noir

Division “L’Avoiron” Rosé of Gamay Noir

Watermelon Agua Fresca

All the goodness of a European rosé with the punch and smooth texture that Washington State fruit gives. This lighter-bodied rosé wine is supremely soft on the palate. Smashed baked strawberries and cream. Watermelon Agua Fresca. With a slight chalky minerality like crushed Smarties. The perfect sunny afternoon sipper.


Gamay Noir


Columbia Valley, Washington

Our Best Advice

It’s easy breezy for entertaining

Delicious With

Gamay wines have a mellow fruitiness that make them perfect with subtle flavors like sea bass, any flakey white fish, lightly dressed salads, or with bigger salty or caramelized flavors like aged cheeses (Gouda or Cheddar) or pickled vegetables and charcuterie.

Their Cred

Tom and Kate met, drank a bottle of Oregon Pinot, fell in love, and decided to make wine together. The story had a few more turns than that, but that’s the gist and it brings us to their most recent project called Division Wine based in Portland, Oregon. They originally started as a co-op with a couple other wineries making wines inspired by their travels and wine studies in the Loire Valley, France. With their more casual “Village” line of wines, they celebrate the French vin de soif style of easy-drinking Gamay. l’Avoiron is the name of the volcano near the vineyard where Tom and Kate worked in Auvergne (a region in central France known for its forests, mountains, dormant volcanos, and hot springs – made famous by Vichy mineral water). 

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