Caneva da Nani

Caneva da Nani ‘Prosecco’

The OG Prosecco style

This sparkling wine is made in a traditional way, popular before the large industrial boom of the 70s and 80s in the Prosecco region. The wine goes through a secondary fermentation in the bottle using its own natural yeast and sugars. This process called ‘col fondo’ gives the sparkling wine an incredible texture and a beautiful earthy peach-skin ripeness that you won’t find in a conventional Prosecco. Winemaker Massimo, believes the crown cap is the best to top his bottle because this is how Champagne is capped prior to being corked – he says it preserves the freshness.




Valdobbiadene, Italy

Delicious With

This wine is both crisp and meaty, citrus and fruit, light and plump – so choose foods and combinations that have a similar dichotomy or natural umami. Great with raw or smoked oysters. Pork belly and bitter greens, baked Haloumi and tomato jam, shrimp ceviche, really good buttered Sourdough toast, or anything fried.

Their Cred

Caneva da Nani is located in the hilltop village of Guia in the Valdobbiadene of the Veneto. The Canello family has been growing grapes in these mountains for 5 generations and making wine for themselves all along the way, since 1971 in an official way.  Today Massimo is at the helm having taken over for his father Giovanni in the past 10 years though Giovanni remains an integral part of the farming and winemaking tradition. ‘Nani’ is his nickname, hence the winery name.  ‘Caneva’ is Venetian dialect for ‘shady spot to sit and drink wine.’

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